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00:22:33 Re: Why does sizeof give me... (Brett Leslie Porter)
00:35:25 [Fwd: Fwd: ...........sorry] (Lunchboxx)
01:11:38 Re: Why does sizeof give me... (Bill Currie)
02:29:50 Re: DJGPP/OpenGL (Alexander Bokovoy)
02:29:59 please translate this for me... (Jacob Martin)
02:34:56 Re: Strange e-mails from someone in this group (David Jenkins)
02:58:00 Re: Compress/Uncompress library for djgpp??? (Alexander Bokovoy)
03:03:52 Re: having trouble with long numbers (M. Schulter)
03:13:56 Re: DJGPP/OpenGL (Orlando Andico)
03:18:09 Re: Check out my demo game! (BECman)
05:59:24 Windows applications (Anthony.Appleyard)
06:12:05 Re: Total newbie question (Gurunandan R. Bhat)
06:37:38 Fonts, Fonts, Fonts please (Alexandru Nicolae)
06:38:17 Re: possible g77 anomaly (Jude DaShiell)
07:01:28 Re: DJGPP G++ compilation error (Eli Zaretskii)
07:03:30 Re: '...' handling (with djgpp, although likely ubiquitous)... (Eli Zaretskii)
07:36:57 Help to edit JAW files for plush (Bob Boles)
07:51:59 Re: text video modes (Shawn Hargreaves)
08:15:32 Re: bash (Robert Hoehne)
08:51:46 Re: Line Drawing (A. Sinan Unur)
09:21:50 Re: Bug in DJGPP? or just a bug in my head... (Paul Derbyshire)
09:21:55 Re: [Q]: Allegro scrolling question (Paul Derbyshire)
10:14:04 ALLEGRO - letter to Shawn (Mertl Michal)
10:41:33 Re: C++ class interaction and overloading (should be simple answer) (Paul Derbyshire)
11:06:22 [Q]: Horizontal scrolling using Allegro (Jonathon Ralston)
11:10:26 bmp (Velva Wildbore)
11:30:11 Re: bmp (Alexander Bokovoy)
11:36:16 Re: Cant we all just get along?? (Lovecraft)
11:36:19 Expression evaluation question (Victor)
11:49:17 Re: [Q] expression evaluation order (Hans-Bernhard Broeker)
11:54:15 Re: Which is better... EMACS or RHIDE? (M. Schulter)
12:02:54 Re: text video modes (Anthony.Appleyard)
12:29:25 Re: Calling assembly procedures from DJGPP (Paul Derbyshire)
12:29:26 Re: Allegro question (Paul Derbyshire)
12:43:05 RE:Path Finding Algorithm (Brad Fidler)
12:50:58 files of djgpp (Jamie Love)
14:17:29 Re: files of djgpp (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
14:17:31 Re: Compress/Uncompress library for djgpp??? (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
14:19:46 Re: Emacs 22 env vars bug (Michael Bukin)
14:22:59 Re: Fonts, Fonts, Fonts please (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
14:35:23 Re: [Q] expression evaluation order (Charles Krug)
14:40:05 djgpp/windows (
15:43:01 Re: [Q] expression evaluation order (Teemu Ikonen)
16:21:16 windows 95 (
16:50:09 Re: [Q] expression evaluation order (Cesar Scarpini Rabak)
16:52:16 Simple (I hope) VGA question (Mark Slagell)
17:50:42 Re: [Q] expression evaluation order (Cesar Scarpini Rabak)
17:51:13 Re: Why does sizeof give me... (Georg Kolling)
17:52:05 Re: Video memory access speed!! (Georg Kolling)
17:53:16 Re: [Fwd: Fwd: ...........sorry] (Georg Kolling)
18:12:39 test2 (obi wan)
18:12:55 Re: Can't find an error! Suspect GCC bug!!! (Makulik.Guenther T 27528 R 91-811 WS tx24)
18:20:55 Re: windows NT and DJGPP (
18:20:56 Re: Volatile (Elliott Oti)
18:35:54 Re: open() question (Makulik.Guenther T 27528 R 91-811 WS tx24)
19:08:51 Re: Allegro - Mouse Problems (Ingo Ruhnke)
19:22:43 Re: Strange e-mails from someone in this group (
19:25:24 Re: Allegro: GUI crash - please help (Chris La Mantia)
19:26:12 GDB Info for my problem above... (Jacob Martin)
20:08:43 Re: Why does sizeof give me... (Paul Derbyshire)
20:13:49 Re: windows 95 (Orlando Andico)
21:38:59 Help for newbie. (Mark Ralph)
22:03:56 Allegro question (Zoma)
22:04:00 Re: total newbie question (Meta)
22:12:23 WHAM version 2b (VERSTEEGH M)
22:12:25 aview - an ascii art image browser/animation player (Jan Hubicka)
22:12:35 BB - the portable demo (Jan Hubicka)
22:12:36 AA-lib - an ascii art GFX library (Jan Hubicka)
22:35:10 Re: Intel Opcodes (James MacDonald)
22:43:06 Use of ALLEGRO and DJGPP on a 386sx? (QI'HoS))
22:43:32 Re: djgpp/windows (Weiqi Gao)
22:46:30 fstream simultaneous reading and writing (Brett Leslie Porter)
22:49:40 Re: Allegro 3.0 Q: (
23:11:19 Re: Help for newbie. (Brett Leslie Porter)
23:12:03 RHIDE debugging. (Brett Leslie Porter)
23:22:10 Video memory access speed!! (xIGOO)
23:38:03 template classes with DJGPP (Stefan Schimanski)
23:38:08 Re: "Missing" functions (Erik Max Francis)
23:44:25 Re: Allegro question (Brett Leslie Porter)

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