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Subject: Re: Calling assembly procedures from DJGPP
Date: 7 Aug 1997 06:10:29 GMT
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Shawn Hargreaves (Shawn AT talula DOT demon DOT co DOT uk) writes:
> This produces:
>             .align 4
>     .globl _returntest
>     _returntest:
>             movl _x,%eax
>             ret

Some C++ programs (maybe C also for structs) return entire structs and
objects! Is this done implicitly by reference, using a pointer in eax?

(I myself avoid any possible excess slow copying of data by using explicit
references in my C++ object-returning functions, as in:

vector &operator+ (vector &u, vector &v) {
  vector t;
  return t;

I assume for these the "vector &" is definitely passed in eax as an address.
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