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On Thu, 7 Aug 1997 NoHero69 AT aol DOT com wrote:

> Does there happen to be a Windows 95 port of GNU C/C++?  And if not, are
> there any free windows 95 C/C++ compilers that are any good?

Cygnus GNU-Win32 is a complete C/C++ port to Win95, including masses of
UNIX functionality including BSD Sockets and DNS lookups! (interfaced to
the WinSock library).

There is also RSXNT and LCC Win32 which I haven't used yet. If you're a
Win95 programmer, I think you're best off with LCC. But if you're a UNIX
person who wants to use Win95 without any fuss (and still have your fork()
and select() and stuff) then Cygnus Win32 is the way to go.

Orlando Alcantara Andico
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