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Subject: Re: text video modes
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Bminier writes:
>union REGS r;
>r.h.ah = 0x00;
> = 2; /*which is normal 80x25*/
>int86 (0x10, &r, &r);

It is better to use the __dpmi_int() function for this, with a
__dpmi_regs structure instead of the REGS. When you call int86(), a
protected mode interrupt is generated, which may or may not be reflected
to the real mode DOS handler (it depends on the DPMI server). If you use
__dpmi_int() it will always go straight to the correct real mode service

>What I am having problems with is that I can't seem to find the modes I
>want.  I am looking for 80x28, 80x43, 80x50. and would love to find
>132x25, 132x28 and so on.

For the 80x* modes, use the _set_screen_lines() function (type "info
libc al _set_screen_lines" for details). The 132x* modes can be set
using VESA functions (see for a copy of the
VESA spec), but I don't know if there are any other easier ways...

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