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>Those who ask questions should try to mention what parts of the
>documentation they find unhelpful, so that a) people know they did
>attempt to read the docs

Why would I automatically know that? I'm new here. I asked a question that
I still feel is ambiguously and confusingly answered in the read me and
the faq. Thank god for Dan Jenkins. He was helpful, kind, and has a great
web page.

I really feel that your attitude is reflective of an old school of 
thinking. Use shame, buzz words, and obfuscation to make yourself look oh,
so smart. 

I'm a physical thereapist assistant and used to do customer service. If I
treated patients the way you do they'd never learn how to use a prosthetic
device, which come with directions, or treat an ailment outlined by our
typed directions. I have to be patient because while to me it's old news,
it's so new to them it can literally be like learning to walk again.

Nick Nova

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