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Subject: GDB Info for my problem above...
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Ok, when I run it in GDB, here's what I get...

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.

0x978a in set_gfx_mode ()

(gdb) inf frame

Stack level 0, frame at 0x0:

 eip = 0x978a in set_gfx_mode; saved eip 0x11fee0

 (FRAMELESS), Arglist at unknown address.

 Locals at unknown address, Previous frame's sp is 0x0

 Saved registers:

  eip at 0x4

What does eip usually do/point to?  what's a frame's sp?

(gdb)disass 0x978a

Dump of assembler code for function set_gfx_mode:
0x9740 <set_gfx_mode>:  subl   $0x40,%esp
0x9743 <set_gfx_mode+3>:        pushl  %ebp
0x9744 <set_gfx_mode+4>:        pushl  %edi
0x9745 <set_gfx_mode+5>:        pushl  %esi
0x9746 <set_gfx_mode+6>:        pushl  %ebx
0x9747 <set_gfx_mode+7>:        movl   0x54(%esp,1),%ebx
0x974b <set_gfx_mode+11>:       movl   0x60(%esp,1),%ebp
0x974f <set_gfx_mode+15>:       movl   0x64(%esp,1),%edi
0x9753 <set_gfx_mode+19>:       movl   0x2bf5c,%eax
0x9758 <set_gfx_mode+24>:       movl   %eax,0x18(%esp,1)
0x975c <set_gfx_mode+28>:       call   0x95d0 <_check_gfx_virginity>
0x9761 <set_gfx_mode+33>:       pushl  $0x0
0x9763 <set_gfx_mode+35>:       call   0x906c <timer_simulate_retrace>
0x9768 <set_gfx_mode+40>:       movl   $0x0,0x2c0f4
0x9772 <set_gfx_mode+50>:       addl   $0x4,%esp
0x9775 <set_gfx_mode+53>:       movl   0x2bb18,%esi
0x977b <set_gfx_mode+59>:       testl  %esi,%esi
0x977d <set_gfx_mode+61>:       je     0x97dc <set_gfx_mode+156>
0x977f <set_gfx_mode+63>:       movl   0x2bb1c,%edx
0x9785 <set_gfx_mode+69>:       xorl   %eax,%eax
0x9787 <set_gfx_mode+71>:       movl   0x24(%edx),%ecx

0x978a <set_gfx_mode+74>:       call   *%ecx

0x978c <set_gfx_mode+76>:       xorl   %eax,%eax

0x978e <set_gfx_mode+78>:       movl   0x20(%edx),%ecx

0x9791 <set_gfx_mode+81>:       call   *%ecx

0x9793 <set_gfx_mode+83>:       movl   0x10(%esi),%edx

0x9796 <set_gfx_mode+86>:       testl  %edx,%edx

0x9798 <set_gfx_mode+88>:       je     0x97a3 <set_gfx_mode+99>

0x979a <set_gfx_mode+90>:       pushl  $0x0

When I run it from the prompt, it just sits there....and locks up...

Thanks again...

Jake ...

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