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Date: 8 AUG 97 09:18:51 AST
From: DBerry1 AT dca DOT gov DOT au
Subject: Re: Strange e-mails from someone in this group
To: djgpp AT delorie DOT com
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>The detective in me, which might be defective :), says someone is trying
>to post under your address. (Tring to get you into trouble??)

>I take it you've not posted anything to anyone about these subjects??

No, there is nothing "funny" going on here, as I explained to 
"ao950 AT FreeNet DOT Carleton DOT CA", my mailbox was full, and so any messages from 
the list were bounced.  However, the combination of our network (Banyan) 
and our mail gateway (Zoomit) results in the internal network name and the 
error message being sent back in the _body_ of the message.  My internal 
network email address is David Berry AT MPAU@CMCA.

DCA5 is the server that does the mail gateway processing.

>That might be his tactic for defeating spam.

Ah, no - although if it was that easy.....

>You could always email postmaster AT dca DOT gov DOT au and tell them about it,
>asking who's David Berry.

Yeap, and the mail would come to me :)

David Berry
webmaster AT dca DOT gov DOT au
Dept. of Communications and the Arts
As you grow up and leave the playground,
where you kissed your prince and found your frog,
remember the Jester who showed you tears.

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