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From: "Ingo Ruhnke" <ruhnke AT owl-online DOT de>
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Subject: Re: Allegro - Mouse Problems
Date: 7 Aug 1997 20:47:11 GMT
Organization: 486 DX4-100
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>>I am just started to programm a little bit with the allegro-lib. But know
>>have a problem.
>>Is there a way how I can speed up the mouse. I know there is the
>>set_mouse_speed() function but I can the mouse only make a little bit
>>faster, but not as fast as I would it to be.
> Is your mouse a Logitech one?

Yes, it is a Logitech Mouseman.
I discoverd now that the mouse is under MS-DOS 7 fast enough, only under
Win95 it gets too slow. So, I think it's more a Win95 problem, then an


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