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From: xmerm05 AT vse DOT cz (Mertl Michal)
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Subject: ALLEGRO - letter to Shawn
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 12:58:50
Organization: University of Economics - Prague, CZ
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I mean this like a letter to Shawn, cause I don't receive any reply from him 
by personal mail (maybe I've got wrong address (shawn AT talula DOT demon DOT co DOT uk) or 
he doesn't read it - don't know). Sorry for this being off topic, but it's 
more than 2 months yet and I see he read the NG and my posts get inthere.

I did some work on Allegro, wrote 24bit true color and rewrote load_pcx and 
load_tga to load any colordepth image (8/15/24) to any colordepth BITMAP. I'
m, still working on some optimisations of 24bit routines. I think it'd be 
nice to store high/true color images on 8bit BITMAP with some optimized 
palette (dithering ? don't know how it's done) and with current palette. I 
think there could be functions like get_bitmap_specs(PACKFILE f,*width, 
*height,*color_depth) and bitmap loading routines would have one more 
parameter to tell into which colordepth BITMAP to load. 
I wanted to extend also LBM loading function, because there also exists 
24bit LBM but I've no info about format, so Adrian Oboroc (if I remember 
correctly the name of the author) could be contacted either to change the 
routine or to send me specs for LBM format.

If you didn't receive anything from me in last 3 months send me mail to 
XMERM05 AT vse DOT cz or post to this NG (although I'm quite sure my mail's 
working properly) and I could resend you my changes to Allegro.
The speed of my 24bit routines is about 5 times worse than 8bit but I still 
think it can be optimized little bit more and I also think it needn't to be 
that fast as other depths, it's meant just for completness and for ability 
to display true color on older (mine :-)) cards.

Sorry again to waste bandwidth of NG and mailing list.

Michal Mertl

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