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ao950 AT FreeNet DOT Carleton DOT CA (Paul Derbyshire) writes:
> I keep seeing references to Allegro 3.0 in here... I thought oh goody, a
> new allegro maybe with working truecolor or faster 3d... so I checked
> out the homepage, and all it has are version 2.2 and the WIP version
> same as they were months ago. No 3.0. Is the web page really out of date
> or is Allegro 3.0 a figment of someone's imagination on here? (I will,
> for the time being, assume there is no time travel involved!)

Not exactly either. As I understand it, the WIP is expected to
eventually become 3.0, and since it promises some appealing features and
Allegro 2.2 (et al) is so damn good, people are understandably eager,
but it doesn't exist as 3.0 *yet*.


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