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Jens Bischoff wrote:

> Are you sure that "strcasecmp" is not part of the ANSI-C-string
> library routines?


> At least on my machine there's no "stricmp", but "strcasecmp".

There's a strcasecmp in BSD 4.3, and there's a stricmp (and strcmpi) in
Turbo C.  Neither are ANSI.

> And a test program with "strcasecmp" in it compiles & runs
> without error or warnings  when the ANSI-C compiler switch is set.

This, I would suspect, is because the -ansi switch only affects how the
_language_ is processed, not which functions rae included when you link in
the standard library.

Remember, testing something with your compiler isn't guaranteed to
indicate whether or not something you're doing is ANSI compliant or not --
the only way to be sure is to have the standard in front of you.

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