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Subject: Use of ALLEGRO and DJGPP on a 386sx?
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 1997 21:22:52 GMT
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Im currently developing a project to help a person who has had a
recent stroke and lost the use of language to communicate - I'm doing
it in GCC with ALLEGRO - basically all he has to do is point the mouse
at a phrase/emotion using the allegro GUI and allegro plays a sample
to let the world know - fairly simple stuff, all in all.

The thing is - I am developing on my (development :))  machine but the
target machine is a kindly donated 386sx-20 with 2mb of extended
memory.  The question is this, will the executable run on this
configuration with a DPMI manager??  The screen is bog standard VGA
but im only using 640x480 16 colour anyhow.   Do i need any special
compiler options (other than -i386) to compile this to run on the
386??  Does the lack of a math chip matter - does this need
emulators/compile options to get round?? I wont be doing any floating
point in my code, but I dont know what allegro does internally.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.

QI'HoS  (Kirosh)  KLI #H1026

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