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Subject: Re: C++ class interaction and overloading (should be simple answer)
Date: 5 Aug 1997 04:51:10 GMT
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Erik Max Francis (max AT alcyone DOT com) writes:
> Paul Derbyshire wrote:
>> Try omitting the space after "operator":
>>      inline friend Vector operator* (Matrix& mat, Vector& vect);
> The original post hasn't shown up on my server, but this shouldn't be the
> problem.  It's perfectly legal for there to be whitespace between the
> `operator' keyword and the symbol in the function name.  operator new is a
> good example, since you _have_ to have whitespace.  Namely, I do it all
> the time.

Well, there's also that he has the vector reversed now that I look a second
time. Vector * Matrix seems to be what he wants, so there should be
(Vector &vect, Matrix &mat) for params.

And, to make it easy to use, he needs to make a double dispatcher in Matrix:

inline friend Matrix operator* (Matrix &mat, Vector &vect) {
  return vect*mat; // Matrix*vector calls vector*matrix which does the math.

And, you can redefine new? How's this done...and why, to make a handler
for exhausted heap?

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