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00:12:15 g77 dos installation help needed (Jude DaShiell)
00:45:32 Re: I can't compile from within RHIDE (Robert Hoehne)
01:14:13 Re: template classes with DJGPP (Makulik.Guenther T 27528 R 91-811 WS tx24)
01:14:19 Re: total newbie question (Makulik.Guenther T 27528 R 91-811 WS tx24)
01:27:07 Re: IEEE488 code for djgpp (Razvan Coca)
01:55:46 Re: Compiled faster rle sprites in Allegro?! (HeavenY)
02:19:58 HELP ! RHIDE in NT (Petr Olivka)
02:34:48 BMP Scaler (Jan-Erik Henriksson)
02:49:13 BASH Problems (Andrew Crabtree)
03:20:05 [Q] Using __DPMI_SET_DESCRIPTOR... (Egg brains)
03:50:12 Re: Check out my demo game! (Patrick Rondon)
04:20:17 Re: Linux to DOS Problem (Erik Max Francis)
05:05:38 Re: [Q] expression evaluation order (John M. Aldrich)
06:23:07 Re: Converting old routines - Goddamn it all to hell!!!!!!!!!! (Shawn Hargreaves)
06:52:03 Debugger bug? (Tobias Westerblom)
07:53:19 Re: expression evaluation guarantees (John M. Aldrich)
08:21:43 Parse Error Before '*' (Lyle)
08:22:12 Re: Porting Symantec code to DJGPP (Ohad Somjen)
08:51:46 Re: rhide or gcc hanging, and printing crap!? (Peter Steiner)
10:38:49 Re: Using makefile (John M. Aldrich)
10:39:25 Re: [Q] Using __DPMI_SET_DESCRIPTOR... (Gurunandan R. Bhat)
10:41:16 Re: expression evaluation guarantees (Chris Croughton)
12:37:58 Re: Allegro and DJGPP (Paul Derbyshire)
12:38:05 Re: DirectX 5.0 Compatibilty [WAAAAY off topic!] (Paul Derbyshire)
12:51:04 Re: Making a virtual framerate system with Allegro (Paul Derbyshire)
13:07:11 Re: Use of ALLEGRO and DJGPP on a 386sx? (William H Ervin)
13:39:05 segment limit of _dos_ds (Gurunandan R. Bhat)
14:09:40 Re: Use of ALLEGRO and DJGPP on a 386sx? (mapson)
14:09:51 Re: allegro+plush, many bmps on screen (Chris La Mantia)
14:37:29 Bug in DJGPP? or just a bug in my head... (Jacob Martin)
14:37:34 Re: Allegro questions (Shawn Hargreaves)
14:53:21 lllll DON'T READ THIS llllll (
15:37:04 Re: Warning message (John M. Aldrich)
16:22:24 Re: DJGPP componentt (un)Install (David Jenkins)
16:40:24 Re: Quake II??? (Thomas Harte)
17:36:25 Another Allegro question... (Zoma)
18:52:06 Re: PCX Images (HPT)
19:06:13 Re: Help to edit JAW files for plush (HPT)
19:06:14 Re: Parse Error Before '*' (SWars Matt)
19:36:00 Re: Help for newbie. (A. Sinan Unur)
19:36:03 Free source code for PC shadowing. (Mike Collins)
20:09:08 Re: Compiled faster rle sprites in Allegro?! (Georg Kolling)
20:21:16 Re: Making a virtual framerate system with Allegro (Aragorn)
20:39:25 Re: [Q] expression evaluation order (Kenneth Loafman)
20:51:29 g77 and opendos (Jude DaShiell)
21:23:53 Re: BMP Scaler (
21:23:54 Re: Capturing DJGPP mesages to a file (Weiqi Gao)
21:41:11 Video memory access speed!! (xIGOO)
21:52:00 DJGPP renames source when creating exe (bill oliveri)
21:53:17 Video memory access speed!! (xIGOO)
22:20:30 Re: Spam [semi off topic] (Erik Max Francis)
22:36:16 linux rhide? (Milton Moura)
23:36:32 Re: windows 95 (Alfons Hoogervorst)

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