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From: William H Ervin <whe01 AT gnofn DOT org>
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Subject: Re: Use of ALLEGRO and DJGPP on a 386sx?
Date: 9 Aug 1997 09:33:51 GMT
Organization: Greater New Orleans Free-Net
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Shawn Hargreaves <Shawn AT talula DOT demon DOT co DOT uk> wrote:

SH|Should do. I haven't been able to test any Allegro programs on a 386 for
SH|over a year, but when I last tried it (I think sometime shortly before
SH|version 2.1) it worked fine.

Hey, it works fine on my 386dx-25 (4M). Thanx Shawn :)

>>The screen is bog standard VGA but im only using 640x480 16 colour 

SH|With your own graphics code, I presume? Allegro won't give you anything
SH|better than the mode-X resolutions on a standard VGA card...

Note, Gary intends to use 16 colors. AFAIK Allegro dosn't support _any_,
16cModes, so e must be fiddleing with it a bit ;)

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