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Date: 9 Aug 1997 06:32:55 GMT
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Meta (syzmik AT concentric DOT net) writes:
> Why isn't an Allegro newsgroup made? I'd bet on 1/3 of the messages in
> this group are Allegro related. Well?

Oh no. Not this again.

ObDJGPP: Wouldn't DJP'ing the bin dir slow down compile passes? Also, is
there any prospect of a fixed RSXNTDJ 'ld' that properly checks for
unresolved externals? The way to do this and have DLL support is to make
the 'ld' allow DLLs to be specified with -dllabcdefgh for abcdefgh.dll, and
for it to look in the DLLs for unresolved externals, but without actually
linking anything from DLLs, which link dynamically at run-time.
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