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Subject: Free source code for PC shadowing.
Date: 6 Aug 1997 09:33:46 GMT
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I am writing a database program that will be updated in real time, and MUST BE 
RIGHT at all times. For disaster recovery (in case of a PC crash), I wrote code 
that will allow two PCs to run the code in parallel. They are configured as 
Master and Slave, and keyboard input on the master is sent via the RS232 port 
to the slave, where it is put into the keyboard buffer, so the slave thinks 
that somebody is typing on its keyboard.

I have made the source of this available to anybody who wants to use it, look 
at it to learn about interrupts, or to hack it about to do what they want.

I would like to thank Alaric Williams for the tutorial on "The Black Art" of 
writing interrupts on his home page, without which, this project would have 
been a lot more difficult. Thanks also to Salvador Tropea for giving web space, 
and for his friendly encouragement.

I do not have a home page of my own, but Salvador Tropea, the author of the SET 
editor that we all use under RHIDE, has kindly hosted the routines on his Web 
site, from where you can download them. There are three files zipped together 
into PCMIRROR.ZIP: KB.C,  KB.H, and a README which describes how to use the 
code. To get the code, go to

...then follow the links to DJGPP, then again to DJGPP, then at the bottom of 
the page, Mike Collins, "here" .

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