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Lo NoHero69 AT aol DOT com:

>Does there happen to be a Windows 95 port of GNU C/C++?  And if not, are
>there any free windows 95 C/C++ compilers that are any good?

Yes, there's RSXNTDJ, a collection of tools that process DJGPP objects
and create an Win32 PE executable. (You *need* DJ Delorie's port of
GNU c/c++.) If you're just beginning to learn windows programming, it
can be rather difficult to use. Nonetheless, highly recommended,
especially if you're good in handling compilers and tools. (Just a
hint: Make sure you compile everything with -Wall to catch all

Checkout my, which has
source code for a Win95 tray application. I've included definitions to
make it compile with the basic RSXNTDJ package too. However, the DLL
does not compile with RSXNTDJ, yet. The included resource compiler
(GRC) does not support RCDATA and user data resources. Well, the DLL
isn't quite necessary, demonstrates just some other Win32 techniques.

There's also LCC for Win32, a C only compiler. Try to download it from
Excellent compiler and very nice Windows hosted environment. I didn't
test it completely, but I was quite impressed. Its collection of
include headers and import libraries seems to be complete (perhaps
Rainer wants to "steal" the headers of LCC? :-), at least Win95
capable. If you want to do Win32 programming using only the API,
without frameworks and classes and stuff, this compiler should be a
good choice.

Furthermore  there's the WinGNU compiler, but it's quite a beast to
download. Checkout


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