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Jan-Erik Henriksson <jakob AT wolf-web DOT com> wrote:
>Could anyone please direct me to a site containing C source for bmp scaling
>or even better send me a copy of the source, PLEEEAASSSSEEEE!! It would be
>best if the code was written for DJGPP v2.

The Allegro library contains such a routine, but it's probarbly not for the
beginner, as it contains some C code for writing assembly-language scan-line
fillers by writing whole lines of pixels as an unrolled machine language
sub-routine. This means that the routine is 80386 optimised, coz on 80486s and
above, these unrolled scanline fillers play havoc with the cache.

Maybe some of the other DJGPP graphics libraries have a simpler zooming
routines if you just want to use it to learn how zooming is done.

Perhaps someone could write a 80586 optimised zoomer for Allegro that keeps
the code small so that it doesn't trash the code-cache.

Allegro's homepage is:


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