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Subject: Re: Parse Error Before '*'
Date: 9 Aug 1997 17:55:15 GMT
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Lyle <lpak1 AT NO_SPAMccds DOT cc DOT monash DOT edu> wrote:

>I have recently downloaded all of the DJGPP files listed in the readme
>file, so to be able to compile C/C++ code. I have installed it as
>stated, setting environment variables etc. I then created a project
>which i had in Borland Turbo C++ V3.0. When i compile in BTC++ i get no
>warnings, no errors. Now i try compile and i am getting a "parser error
>before '*'" in a lot of my header files (then of course nothing
>compiles). I am to a lost as what i am doing wrong? I have read the FAQ
>and only found an extract saying " C++ comments not supported in C" My
>code is only C, not C++. Has anyone every experienced this problem and
>could advice me on how to rectify the situation. 
>Yours thankfully,

I'm just guessing, but are you using something in your program that is
Borland specific and isn't supported by DJGPP?  Are you trying to use a
Borland header file?

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