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Ever heard of OpenGL? Direct3D/DirectDraw? Now, if you want to rewrite any
of those next time you want to make a cutting-edge game, that's fine by me.
But it IS using code written by other people. I program games. Note that's
GAMES. I don't program graphics and sound libraries, because it's not worth
doing all that when I can do better things like writing the actual game
	Using the code of others is not a sin, it is a blessing.

> One other point. I would be interested in everyone's opinion of Allegro.
> can't actually use it because I use Watcom, but is it really sensible to
> use this library (as good as it might be). Aren't people missing out on
> learning experience which would otherwise be gained by doing these things
> yourself ??? as well as a lost ability later on to optimise the codeto
> needs (I know you get the source, but if you don't understand it, you
> optimise it). I'm not looking for flames, just genuine opinions.

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