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Subject: Re: Use of ALLEGRO and DJGPP on a 386sx?
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 1997 19:05:15 GMT
Organization: Yale University
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On Fri, 8 Aug 1997 16:23:00 GMT, "Hargreaves, Shawn"
<shawnh AT probe DOT co DOT uk> wrote:

>The problem with Allegro 1.x was probably because that was back before
>I learned about memory locking. If it started swapping to disk, kaboom!   
>The locking code was one of the first things I added in the transition to

I;ve seen references to this before. And I;ve read that I must watch
out for it. But what is this memory swapping all about- for instance,
what sort of variables or data are threatened by diskswap? Pointers,
arrays? and how do I "lock down" my memory (malloc/new?!)

Please post in thread.

BTW, I've run a voxel demo made with Allegro on a 386sx with one meg
total RAM... and most incredible, in something like DOS 3.0! and it
ran fine. I was impressed.

I then tried to do some DJGPP compiling on this machine... takes about
5 minutes to compile a "Hello World!' program! I gave it an hour on a
real program; then gave up.

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