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Subject: Re: allegro+plush, many bmps on screen
Date: 9 Aug 1997 01:01:19 GMT
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nazgul AT hubb DOT com wrote in article <869282931 DOT 13355 AT dejanews DOT com>...
> In my main loop, I do this:
>   - render to the 3d bitmap.
>   - blit the button bar to the button bar bitmap.
>   - add the text to the bb bitmap
>      (repeat for all displays)
>   - blit bitmaps into respective subbitmaps of the hires 640x480 screen
>   - vsync() w/ allegro
>   - blit 640x480 buffer to screen mem
>   - get user input         \
>   - make AI choices         >  (actually beginning of loop, but hey...)
>   - update positions       /
> So, after I do all this, for some twisted perversion of logic reason,
> the only thing that actually shows up is my 3d window...

Am I reading this right?  It looks like you're blitting your button bar and
other displays, and then blitting _over_ them when you blit the 3D

Perhaps if you posted the source of the main loop, I could give you a
better answer...



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