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Subject: Re: Converting old routines - Goddamn it all to hell!!!!!!!!!!
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Ian McArdle writes:
>How in gods name do I convert the following functions into DJGPP???
>Bloody Hell

Hey, relax! I know how frustrating it can be when you run into coding
problems, but it isn't our fault, and being rude generally just makes
people less inclined to help you...


Use memcpy() and memset() instead. That is assuming these are being used
with regular pointers such as the ones returned by malloc(). If they are
writing to a specific physical address like the video memory, the code
will need a great deal of rewriting to work in protected mode: see for an intro to djgpp graphics


I don't know what these do, so I'm afraid I can't help you here.


I'm sure you are hoping for a nice simple "use this function instead"
type answer, but I'm afraid no such thing is possible. Interrupt
handling in djgpp is a complex issue, and is really too big to cover in
the context of an email...

>Yes Ive read the lousy faq. I say lousy because I have never read such
>a poor attempt at a Faq before in my life. 

Hint: insulting someone is not usually the best way to make them help
you with your problems. Eli has spent a tremendous amount of time
working on that FAQ, and also writes a large number of very helpful and
informative posts to this group. If you said something like "I don't
understand what such-and-such means", I suspect he would be delighted to
clarify it, both for you now and for future readers of the FAQ. Maybe
you should consider telling us what you find confusing, rather than
dismissing the entire thing in such obnoxious terms.

This isn't what you want to hear, but I really don't see any point
trying to explain interrupt handers since there is no way I could ever
do it any more clearly than the existing text in the FAQ. Section 18.9
gives a very detailed explanation of what you need to do, and also
points you to an interrupt handling tutorial written by Alaric B.
Williams. If you don't understand these, try asking specific questions
and I'll be glad to clarify whatever you have got stuck on...

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