DJGPP Utilities Reference

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DJGPP Utilities Reference

This is the reference manual for the miscellaneous utility programs that come with DJGPP.

1. bin2h  Convert binary data files to C include files.

2. djecho  Echo long command lines to files.

3. djtar  Extract or list files from (possibly compressed) tar archives, with DOS filename conversion.

4. dtou  Convert text files from dos to unix.
5. utod  Convert text files from unix to dos.

6. gxx  Build and link C++ programs

7. redir  Manage I/O Redirection.

8. djsplit  split large files into multiple files.
9. djmerge  Merge multiple files into one file.

10. texi2ps  Convert texinfo files to Postscript.

11. update  conditionally copy one file to another.

12. getconf  Get system-dependent configuration values.

13. go32-v2  Run unstubbed COFF images
14. stubify  Add DOS executable stub to COFF images
15. stubedit  Modify the executable stub parameters
16. exe2coff  Strip the DOS executable stub and create COFF image
17. coff2exe  Convert COFF image to EXE image (see stubify)

18. dxegen  Create Dynamic Executable file
19. dxe3gen  Create Dynamic Executable file (advanced)
20. dxe3res  Create Dynamic Executable interface

21. symify  Add procedure names and line numbers to tracebacks
22. edebug32  Simple line mode debugger for DJGPP images
23. fsdb  Full screen debugger for DJGPP images

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