DJGPP Utilities Reference

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18. dxegen

Usage: dxegen outfile.dxe _symbol infile.o [infile2.o ... -lgcc -lc]

dxegen is a utility which allows you to create files which contain dynamically loadable code (DXE). This command is retained for compatibility purposes and is a symlink to dxe3gen (see section 19. dxe3gen).

The image must be self-contained, and it cannot reference symbols from the main image. As a consequence, you cannot do I/O and some other functions directly from a DXE loaded image.

Constructors, destructors, and C++ exceptions do not work.

There is a single entry point (procedure or data block) returned. This can be a vector of routines you have created.

`outfile.dxe' is the name you want to contain your dynamic load code.

_symbol is the procedure name (or data structure) you want a pointer to. You must add an initial underscore for most symbols created from C.

`input.o' is created with GCC from your source. Additional arguments on the command line (.o and .a files; or other ld options) are passed to ld to resolve references to build your code.

The floating point emulator code provided by DJGPP is stored in a DXE.

See the documentation for _dxe_load (@xref{_dxe_load, , _dxe_load, libc}) for details on how to load the dynamic code.

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