DJGPP Utilities Reference

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23. fsdb

Usage: fsdb [-p path] [-d] [-s setup] debug-image.exe [args]

fsdb is a full screen debugger for DJGPP images. See the internal help (press F1 key) for more information on usage. fsdb is not actively maintained and does not support newer debugging formats. fsdb can only interpret debug information in COFF format, which can be generated at compile time using the `-gcoff' option to gcc. It is recommended that new users try one of the newer debuggers such as rhgdb.


-p source-path

Specify source path as source-path to find source files used to build this image. The source path can also be set as an environment variable FSDBPATH, but the command line option will override the environment variable.


Dual monitors. Enable dual monitor display using monochrome graphics card. Useful when debugging graphics images but requires special hardware. Dual monitors can also be requested by setting the environment variable FSDBDUAL.

-s setup-file

Specify setup file as setup-file. The default is `fsdb.dsk' in the current directory.

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