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10. texi2ps

texi2ps is a modified version of makeinfo that quickly turns texinfo files (such as info files are generated from) into crude Postscript files, ready for printing. The program is designed to produce a crude page, so please don't complain if the printed copy looks ugly. If you want clean pages, get and install TeX and print it with that. It will produce a much cleaner print. I'm also pretty sure that texi2ps won't support 100% of the texinfo documents out there. Again, if you want it right use TeX.

Note that the input files are texinfo files, not TeX or LaTeX or info files. In normal djgpp distributions, the texinfo files are part of the source distributions, and the info files are in the binary distributions.

The default settings produce a pretty densely packed page - small font, small margins. You can set the margins and font even smaller to save on paper, or make them bigger for more conventional manuals.

Usage: texi2ps [-f size] [-I dir] [-Idir] [-v] [-m pts] file

-f size

The font size, in points. The default is 10 points.

-I path

Specifies an additional path to search for include files.


Print verbose messages about files read, nodes encountered, and pages generated.

-m pts

Set the margin size in points. The default is 54 points, or 3/4 inches (72 points = 1 inch).

Note that the Postscript file is sent to standard output, so you must redirect the output to a file or a printer.

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