DJGPP Utilities Reference

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15. stubedit

Usage: stubedit [-h] [-v] file.exe [field=value . . .]

stubedit is a utility that allows you to modify the DOS executable stub loader parameters. These parameters allow you to set the default stack size, real mode memory transfer buffer size, the argv0 value, and DPMI provider.

If -v is not specified and no fields are provided after the file name, stubedit will enter an interactive mode which displays each field and allow you to change the values individually.



Help mode. When given this switch, stubedit prints internal help.


View mode. When given this switch, stubedit will display the current contents of the stub parameters instead of prompting to modify them.


Specify the minimum amount of stack space. The value may be specified in bytes, KBytes (with a K suffix), or MBytes (with a M suffix).


Specify the size of the convential memory transfer buffer size. The value may be specified in bytes or KBytes (with a K suffix). The value must be between 2 KByte and 63 KByte.


Specify the base name of the file to actually run. This is a string value of 8 maximum characters, and it is only used when this is a stub pointing to a different image (created by stubify -g).


Specify the string to pass as file component of argv[0] (maximum of 16 characters).


Specify the name of the program to load to provide DPMI services if DPMI is not currently available (maximum of 16 characters). The stub will search for this file first in the directory of the image, then each directory in your PATH, and finally the current default directory.

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