DJGPP Utilities Reference

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9. djmerge

The djsplit and djmerge programs are designed to assist in transporting files across unreliable channels or small media (like floppies). djsplit takes a big file and splits it into up to 1000 smaller files. djmerge puts them back together again.

Usage: djmerge [-t] inputbase outputfile

Each input file is made from appending a sequence number to inputbase. For example, given `footgz.000', `footgz.001', etc,

djmerge footgz foo.tgz

would result in `foo.tgz' being created.

By default, djmerge creates the output file `outputfile' with the same time stamp and mode bits as the first file `inputbase.000'. If you want the output file to have the current time and the default attribute bits, use the `-t' switch.

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