DJGPP Utilities Reference

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8. djsplit

The djsplit and djmerge programs are designed to assist in transporting files across unreliable channels or small media (like floppies). djsplit takes a big file and splits it into up to 1000 smaller files. djmerge puts them back together again.

Usage: djsplit [-t] inputfile chunksize outputbase

Each output file is made from appending a sequence number to outputbase. For example:

djsplit foo.tgz 1300k footgz

would result in `footgz.000', `footgz.001', etc.

The chunksize parameter can be expressed as bytes (NNN), kilobytes(NNNk) or megabytes (NNNm). The number NNN must be an integer; for example, `1.1m' will not work.

By default, djsplit creates the output files `outputbase.nnn' with the same time stamp and mode bits as the original file `inputfile'. (djmerge will then recreate the file's time and modes as they originally were.) If you want the output files to have the current time and the default attribute bits, use the `-t' switch.

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