DJGPP Utilities Reference

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13. go32-v2

go32-v2 is a utility which allows you to run unstubbed COFF images.

With no command-line arguments, it prints the available physical and virtual memory, much like go32 did in v1.x. It can run unstubified v2 COFF images, like this:
 go32-v2 myprog

If you rename it to `go32.exe' and put on your PATH before the v1.x `go32.exe', it can also run v1 COFF images, by loading the v1.x go32 and letting it do the job. With this setup, you can run v2 programs from v1.x programs, because the v1.x program will load go32-v2 (since it found it first on the PATH) which knows how to run v2 images, instead the original go32 which cannot.

If you define the environment variable GO32_V2_DEBUG, go32-v2 will provide additional debugging output when it executes.

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