DJGPP Utilities Reference

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14. stubify

Usage: stubify [-v] [-g] [-stubparams=param[,param...]] files

stubify is a utility that adds a DOS executable stub loader to the front of a COFF image. The input program may be COFF or a stubbed `.exe', and may be COFF with `.exe' extension. The resulting file will have `.exe' extension.



Verbose mode. When given this switch, stubify prints verbose output on the files processed.


Generate mode. When given this switch, stubify will create an image containing only the stub, which can be modified by stubedit (see section 15. stubedit) to point to a different existing program in the same directory. This is used to simulate links, so argv[0] can be used to change program behavior or create a small alias to the other program.


Pass `param[ param...]' to stubedit to tune the stub's parameters. Commas in `param[,param...]' are converted into spaces. See the documentation of stubedit (see section 15. stubedit) for the available parameters.

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