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00:01:30 The listserv is mailbombing me! (Paul Derbyshire)
00:02:17 Rhide Problem! (Markus Schrader)
00:17:22 Re: A really simple program (Erik Max Francis)
00:47:44 Re: Not all memory available with djgpp (John M. Aldrich)
01:03:42 Re: putpixel in inline at&t asm (John M. Aldrich)
01:03:43 Re: Physical address from array ? Not a clue! (Charles Sandmann)
01:03:47 Re: Need some help ! When I try to read a file it says SIGSEGV error (John M. Aldrich)
01:04:07 Just a few questions from a graphics newbie (Sean Keogh)
01:17:53 Re: nested commtents (John M. Aldrich)
01:17:54 Re: Web Biz Universal Remove List Update (John M. Aldrich)
02:18:35 Re: [Q] Which is faster? (tom burgess)
03:02:33 Re: How can I detect memory leaks? (Erik Max Francis)
03:47:59 How do I write to the keyboard LEDs? (Sam.)
04:02:15 Re: Database access (
04:34:11 Re: VERY STRANGE PROBLEM... (Brett Porter)
04:44:22 Re: Where can I get hold of a decent ASM faq? (Brett Porter)
05:17:23 Re: IPX (Henrik Schmidt)
06:47:01 Here It Is !! (
06:47:27 Re: ? vsscanf function available (Ruiter de M)
08:19:53 Re: The future of Djgpp (Peter Scargill)
08:32:09 Re: Problems with RHIDE (Paul Derbyshire)
08:32:25 Re: sprintf() string length? (Erik Max Francis)
08:47:10 Sets (Chris Kern)
09:09:34 Here It Is !! (
09:48:03 Re: Sets (Paul Derbyshire)
10:17:14 Re: Web Biz Universal Remove List Update (Paul Derbyshire)
10:17:36 Re: ANNOUNCE: SET's Editor v0.4.1 released (Paul Derbyshire)
13:18:23 Re: nested commtents (Vic)
14:46:36 Re: Fade routine (Simon Churchill)
16:02:19 Info question (
16:02:24 Re: NASM - passing string pointer from C++ to asm (Nate Eldredge)
16:02:26 Re: wirting to a virtual screen - HELP! (Nate Eldredge)
16:02:28 Re: Installing DJGPP (Nate Eldredge)
16:02:29 Re: Inline assembly labels (the 0:, 1:, etc, type). Why? (Nate Eldredge)
16:02:30 Re: memory model (Nate Eldredge)
16:31:24 exec*() vs. command line in dos (Target)
16:31:37 Re: ALLEGRO - 256 shades of grey?? How? (George Foot)
16:45:54 Re: Function that takes an array of strings (2D array) : HOW? (George Foot)
17:18:08 Re: nested commtents (firewind)
17:31:18 Re: Newbie seeks help with rotating triangle program (Jonathan Foster)
17:31:19 Re: How do I write to the keyboard LEDs? (firewind)
18:01:26 Re: Fade routine (Michal Mertl)
18:16:44 Help w/ Interrupts (Chris-top-her)
20:33:18 Possibly make problem (Michal Mertl)
21:17:35 PCX-loader (Andreas Björk)
21:31:18 Re: ANNOUNCE: SET's Editor v0.4.1 released (M. Schulter)
21:49:04 Re: AT&T ASM : tutorials? (M. Schulter)
22:01:55 Allegro MPEG support? (Revin Guillen)
22:31:42 Re: Problems with RHIDE (Cardinal Teulbachs)
22:33:29 M68K CrossCompiler (The case of missing subroutines) (sumathi muthukkumar)
23:04:08 DZComm - finding an undamaged zip (Nathan Thompson)
23:43:54 gnuplot 3.5 ported to DJGPP and Allegro (Nate Eldredge)
23:50:17 Re: PCX-loader (George Foot)

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