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From: ao950 AT FreeNet DOT Carleton DOT CA (Paul Derbyshire)
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Subject: Re: Web Biz Universal Remove List Update
Date: 18 Oct 1997 09:56:03 GMT
Organization: The National Capital FreeNet
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_that_ means that, a notorious spammer, must have spammed
something in the list, someone replied with a 'remove' request on the list's
behalf and signed their address djgpp and their name "none of your AOOOGA!
business", and this came from an autoresponder. Now that the spammer knows
the address is valid, this n.g. will be up to its ears in spam for the
foreseeable future. Way to go. Never reply to their "remove" things...they
are the opposite of what they claim to be! Spammers are scammers.
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