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Subject: Re: putpixel in inline at&t asm
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Anders Clerwall wrote:
> Hi..
> How to I access the video memory in inline asm do, let's say, plot a pixel
> on the screen. I use a 'unsigned char *mcga;' pointer to the screen.
> Can anyone help.. Would appreciate it.

Direct access to conventional memory does not work in protected mode. 
The full subject is far too large to discuss here, but this is one of
the most commonly asked DJGPP questions and as such is given full
treatment in the DJGPP Frequently Asked Questions list (v2/
from SimTel or online at  Look
specifically in chapters 10, 17, and 18 for solutions to graphics and
other hardware-related coding in protected mode.  Also check out some of
the other user-created DJGPP resources, such as Brennan's DJGPP2+Games
Resources page at  This page has
some of the best graphics and inline assembly tutorials on the net, as
well as pointers to numerous libraries that you can use to make your
graphics tasks easier.


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