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From: cardinalt AT cwia DOT com (Cardinal Teulbachs)
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Subject: Re: Problems with RHIDE
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 20:58:05 GMT
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On Thu, 16 Oct 1997 08:35:01 GMT, Robert Hoehne
<robert DOT hoehne AT gmx DOT net> made so bold as to state:

>> DPMI memory available:
>>   45,743
>> DPMI swap space available:
>>   28,873
>OH!!! to 99% this is your problem. As you can see, you have
>only 74,616 Bytes of DPMI memory!!

That's kilobytes, and I apparently did get the numbers wrong. They're
36,663 Kb and 25,953 Kb respectively. 

>Please read the DJGPP FAQ at least section 15.6.

Been there, done that. Makes no difference.

>> I have no ENVIRON.LST file that I can find. A file search of my hard
>> drive turned up no match. 
>If you would have read the FAQ (as you said) then you would know
>how to create that file! (section 6.12 the first item)

Well, first off, I didn't say I read the FAQ, so don't put words in my
mouth. Second, I've already created an ENVIRON.LST file and posted the
contents. Third, I beg you not to bother your wonderful self helping
me any longer as I'm going to go out and buy a commercial setup that
comes with proper support (that is to say, halfway patient and
respectful support). I shan't be wasting any more of your valuable
hairbrushing time.

--Cardinal T 

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