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Subject: Re: How do I write to the keyboard LEDs?
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Sam. <sam AT greenaum DOT demon DOT co DOT ARSE!ARSE!ARSE!uk> wrote:
> How do I write to the keyboard LEDs? I know this is possible, is there
> a simple function to do it? I can read them with _bios_keyboard, can
> it do the job?

Ralf Brown's Interrupt List, in ports.lst, under valid commands to the
keyboard controller (port 0x0060):

 EDh    double  this is a two part command to control the state of the
                  NumLock, CpasLock and ScrollLock LEDs
                The second byte contains the state to set LEDs.
                    bit 7-3     reserved. should be set to 0.
                    bit 2 = 0   Caps Lock LED off
                    bit 1 = 0   Num Lock LED off
                    bit 0 = 0   Scroll Lock LED off

How to use this, is to set a two-byte variable (I think you're going to want
to use a long (which is equivilant to an int, ie, they're both 32-bits long
under DJGPP) here) with the first byte 0xED and the second byte according to 
what you want to do to the LEDs. Then, call

outportl(0x0060, var);

to send the data.

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