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Subject: Re: Not all memory available with djgpp
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 22:41:02 +0000
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Xavier Prat Recio wrote:
> I have been using djgpp v2.0 with cwsdpmi under Windows 95 DOS
> sessions for quite long with 16Mb of memory using it all without any
> problem. When I've upgraded to v2.01, I've also upgraded my PC to 80Mb
> and I expected to be able to use 80Mb of memory as well as 128Mb of
> hard disk swap space.
> The question is: Where the hell is the rest of my RAM memory and my
> disk swap space?

This is not DJGPP; it's Windows.  Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 only allow
you to access a _maximum_ of 64 MB total virtual memory, depending on
the settings of the dosprmpt.pif/_default.pif (win31) or MS-DOS prompt
properties sheet (win95).  You simply cannot get around this as long as
you work from Windows.

You have two alternatives:  use a Windows-native compiler (such as the
rsxntdj toolkit for DJGPP), or run your programs from plain DOS. 
cwsdpmi v3 can use up to 128 MB of physical plus 128 MB of virtual
memory, for a grand total of 256 MB.

Actually, cwsdpmi v3 theoretically has problems accessing more than 64
MB of physical RAM, but I understand that the next revision (coming
soon) will be able to use up to 256 MB physical + 256 MB virtual.

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