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> I've been programming away creating a new app using a windows (win95)
> editor and compiling using a DOS box.  My program has been running fine
> in the DOS box, but when I exit to DOS, I get a screenfull of SIGSEGV (I
> have to hit pause to see what is actually printed because it goes by so
> fast).  I have to reboot every time.  This problem has just started to
> occur and I can't figure out what is going on.
This is probably because Windows 95's memory security is poor compared to
CWSDPMI (I guess its not really their fault though, because if it _was_ as
good as CWSDPMI, many programs like this would crash and M$ would get the
blame. Ever tried running DUKE3D, or DooM with CWSDPMI already loaded? PAge
faults galore).

> Even stranger:
> I commented everything out of my program, i.e. it consisted of:
> int main()
> {
>     return 0;
> }

Still seems strange. Try creating a brand new file and typing this in, then
compile it. have you deleted your *.o and *.exe files to make sure you re
starting fresh? Reset your computer (maybe something strange is happening
with a disk cache or anything... as soon as Win'95s memory gets breached all
hell breaks loose in the form of mysterious bugs).
> and I still get the same SIGSEGV messages.  It seems like the protected
> mode startup code is corrupted or something.  Can anyone help me here?
> It is really annoying and I'm thinking of buying a commercial compiler
> now, like Watcom or something (God forbid I even think about it!).
I can't see any reason why you would need to. There haven't been any
problems with DJGPP for anyone that can't be fixed :)


"Who here believes in telekenesis? Raise MY hand!"
Brett Porter
bporter AT rabble DOT uow DOT edu DOT au
	Humour, Programming, and more.

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