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From: Michal Mertl <xmerm05 AT manes DOT vse DOT cz>
Newsgroups: comp.os.msdos.djgpp
Subject: Possibly make problem
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 19:06:30 +0200
Organization: Prague University of Economics
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I downloaded libsocket.0.5 and tried to compile it on my computer. Then I
wanted to take a look on it as it's running so I wanted to compile it with
-g. There is a file makefile.cfg in which there are only CC=gcc CFLAGS=-O2
-m486 .... and makefile just reads this in. So I added to CFLAGS -g. In
process of building the library make changes dir to different source
directories in which are makefiles which define CFLAGS += something (like
-I..). In first level down directory it compiles the objects with -g but
not in the second one. It seems that it knows in this directory only about
CFLAGS are in local makefile (with +=).

I also have problems with lfns; I have read Eli wrote that DJGPP 2.02 will
have lfn=y as default setting, but wan't it cause problems when it runs
on plain dos? Is the djgpp long to short name conversion the same as W95's
with NameNumericTail=0 ? 
I get to this problem because to be able to try libsocket I had to enable 
lfns. If I set lfn=y I can't use info because I have my info files
gzipped. It seems to me that gzip (from djgpp archives) never use lfns, am
I correct, it always creates files with only one dot in name?

Also I had some problems trying to use gzipped info files, e.g. files 
gcc.i1-gcc.i20 can't be compressed because gzip adds z to the end of the
extension so gcc.i1 becomes gcc.i1z aswell as gcc.i11-19. So I had to
rename the files to gcc1-20 and accordingly change the section filenames
in gcc.inf file. Maybe in next gcc distibution they could be name gcc.1-20
but I know this extension is usually used for man pages.

Michal 'MiMe' Mertl
  xmerm05 AT vse DOT cz

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