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00:17:35 Re: Missing c++ headers (John M. Aldrich)
00:17:41 Re: High speed timing (John M. Aldrich)
00:31:22 Re: HELP: accessing astructure members via VOID pointer?? (Laurent Turcotte)
00:45:47 Re: TC++ syntax? (Neither)
00:59:20 For all who interesting in TCP/IP and DJGPP (Dim Zegebart)
01:46:10 Re: High speed timing (Phil Ehrens)
01:46:12 File reading (Henri Ossi)
02:00:49 Re: Allegro Datafiles - More Problems (Ryan Bright)
03:02:06 Re: Problem with rhide (Michael Mauch)
03:04:37 Re: Doom Type Engine (Kurt Wall)
03:45:57 Re: More Info: Help with C++ compiler hanging (Andrew Crabtree)
04:00:33 Re: djgpp/rhide acting strange (Vik Heyndrickx)
04:00:34 Error trying to "make" Allegro (Dan)
04:17:43 Re: Rhide crashes! (Tomasz Ostrowski)
04:46:48 Re: x/0, and a problem with realloc (Rainer Temme)
05:48:19 Re: Rhide crashes! (Vik Heyndrickx)
06:13:31 Re: x/0, and a problem with realloc (Francois Charton)
06:31:44 Re: Random implementation (John M. Aldrich)
06:31:45 Re: TC++ syntax? (Thomas Demmer)
07:02:24 Floating point exception question. (Guy Rauscher)
07:16:35 Re: TC++ syntax? (John M. Aldrich)
07:16:37 Gnat 3.10p question (Riccardo Giannitrapani)
07:31:40 problem with list class (Gruber Gerhard)
09:19:25 Re: x/0, and a problem with realloc (Stephan Wilms)
09:19:30 Re: PERL Question (Sheldon E. Smith)
09:46:30 Re: Network programming (Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz)
10:00:30 Re: Libnet easy question (George Foot)
10:15:34 Re: Allegro Datafiles - More Problems (Matt Riker)
10:15:46 Re: Allegro: pack_fread() (Matt Riker)
10:31:50 Problems with pointers (Liche)
10:48:02 Compiling GCC 2.8.0 (Fizban)
10:48:05 DJGPP and OpenGL (Riccardo e Davide Meggiato)
11:01:37 Re: why won't my .exe program run properly until I set env var? (George Foot)
11:17:46 Re: Easy C++ stuff... I hope, anyway. (A. Jans-Beken)
11:21:47 Re: Problems with pointers (A. Sinan Unur)
11:42:50 Re: Any luck builing libg++-2.8.0 or libstdg++-2.8.0 ?? (A.P. Zijlstra)
12:48:27 More info on cc1plus problems (Brian Ellis)
12:49:21 Re: Problems with pointers (Liche)
13:19:35 Re: Problems with pointers (Liche)
13:49:41 Fixed that error -- now another one (ENOENT) (Ryan Casey)
13:49:43 problem with 'new' in plain DOS mode (GAMMELJL@SLU.EDU)
14:17:20 Re: Allegro: pack_fread() (George Foot)
14:17:22 Re: Network programming (George Foot)
14:19:18 Re: Freeing static vars (Rylan)
14:31:48 Re: More info on cc1plus problems (George Foot)
14:46:38 _fmalloc() equivalent in djgpp (Liche)
14:49:30 Re: Allegro: pack_fread() (George Foot)
15:00:25 Re: Rhide crashes! (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
15:20:00 Re: SVGA in DOS (or Win, or Linux...) (Lajos Bicsak)
15:44:44 Re: info converter (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
16:15:58 Re: Allegro: pack_fread() (Shawn Hargreaves)
16:18:04 Re: Shadow effects with allegro (Shawn Hargreaves)
16:47:27 Re: Error trying to "make" Allegro (DeHackEd)
16:48:16 Re:Syntax highlighting bug in SET/RHIDE (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
16:48:57 Rhide 1.4 and NPX (Richard)
17:32:12 Re: Compiling with RHIDE (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
17:45:42 Re: *argv[] help! (George Foot)
17:45:43 Re: Allegro Datafiles - More Problems (George Foot)
17:45:51 Howto determine CPU speed (Hans Ellenberger)
18:51:22 encryption (Jamie Love)
19:06:52 the anti-spam discussion (DJ Delorie)
20:21:28 imlicit delecration? (Juuso Santeri Vilmunen)
20:45:24 Re: Any luck builing libg++-2.8.0 or libstdg++-2.8.0 ?? (Andrew Crabtree)
20:48:22 Inlining (Reinier Heeres)
21:13:36 Re: File reading (Shawn Hargreaves)
21:18:46 Re: Allegro Bitmap Warnings (Shawn Hargreaves)
21:36:44 Re: Error trying to "make" Allegro (Shawn Hargreaves)
21:45:32 Please disregard previous message. (Ryan Casey)
21:45:39 RSXNT -Fwin32 option error (Ryan Casey)
21:45:40 Re: Error trying to "make" Allegro (George Foot)
21:49:38 Re: Inlining (John M. Aldrich)
21:53:39 Physical memory, virtual memory. DJGPP+CWSDPMI, how they work? (
22:00:35 Re: Network programming (Leon Heller)
22:00:36 I need to find the center of a triangle in 3D space, help! (Ted Gress)
22:04:04 Re: encryption (Andrew Deren)
22:16:04 Re: Debugging CPP with RHIDE (Andrew Crabtree)
23:01:42 Re: imlicit delecration? (Andrew Crabtree)
23:30:59 Re: More info on cc1plus problems (John M. Aldrich)
23:46:54 Re: _fmalloc() equivalent in djgpp (John M. Aldrich)
23:49:55 DOWNLOADING (
23:59:20 Re: Allegro Bitmap Warnings (Richard Chappell)

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