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00:32:45 Re: serial communications (Dim Zegebart)
01:36:17 Altering Caller's local variables from an Allegro Dialog Func (Rylan)
05:27:04 Re: DJGPP 2.02 (Martin Stromberg)
07:39:24 Re: TCP/IP with DJGPP (Robert Darmochwal)
08:56:31 Patched Archives, was Re: DJGPP 2.02/GCC 2.8.1 ... (Frank Donahoe)
16:31:49 Re: pixels on the screen. (StefanViljoen,6599)
16:31:50 Re: Assembler Books (StefanViljoen,6599)
16:31:57 Re: What does this error message mean? (StefanViljoen,6599)
16:58:17 File loading (AVI etc) ? (Ben Dowling)
17:28:10 Graphics. (
17:30:04 glut library (me)
19:28:10 Re: glut library (bowman)
20:28:22 [Q]complex in djgpp ()
22:51:05 XBase tools and DJGPP curses libs (Hilton Fernandes)
23:07:29 classes: variable scope (Johan Venter (aka sphinX))
23:58:01 RHIDE 1.4.7(beta) and Win95/98 (Howard V. Francis)

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