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Subject: Re: pixels on the screen.
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From: Pekka Rajajärvi <rajaj AT sci DOT fi>
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Date: Wednesday, December 09, 1998 10:06 PM
Subject: pixels on the screen.

>I just want to know what style everybody else do to get pixels to screen.
>That's all.

Well, if you are working in 320x200x256 VGA it is relatively easy. Either
download MS.ARJ, or one of the lens effect files from my programming page,
or download LAMETRO from my programming page. MS.ARJ will illustrate how to
put pixels while using NASM (the Netwide Assembler - an Intel format
assembler for DJGPP) and LAMETRO's bump mapper source code (not very
complicated and most of it well commented!) will show how to do so in
straight DJGPP C.

Here's my page: . Go to the
programming section.

Tell me how it goes!

Kind Regards,

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