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Subject: Re: serial communications
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Corey Harwell wrote:

> Anyone know of a simple serial communications library for DJGPP??
> I have a real-mode serial communications library... its very simple
> just allows you to open and close a comm port, send and recieve
> bytes...(it installs an ISR to handle recieved chars)...but i'm having
> trouble porting it to DJGPP, I'm not familiar with installing ISR's
> and reading ports and the such.. I've read the FAQ but i'm still
> having trouble.... if anyone wants to look at it and maybe port it
> over i'd be very grateful.. it's small ... lots of comments and very
> neatly written.
> Just e-mail me if you are interseted in helping me out and i'll send
> you the source for it.
> thanks
> -Corey

Look for BCserio (/v2tk) , SVAsyn (/v2tk) and DZComm

Dim Zegebart
Moscow, Russia

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