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Hello all!

This is a copy of a message that i already posted to 
news:comp.os.msdos.djgpp, but with a misleading subject:
exactly comp.os.msdos.djgpp :-(

------------------ Forwarded message begins ------------------

I'd like to write an app under MS-DOS that should be portable 
to Linux subsequently.	It will update and consult a 
relatively small database.  I'll use a DBF compatible library 
for the (quasi) database management: i'm considering (GPL)
Xbase DBMS, that i found in

It is a C/C++ library that supports all dBase III+ features, 
and some of dBase IV.  It has even (Perl) tools for the 
conversion of Clipper programs, at

Another very useful link is XBase Format File Description, at

that describes even the .ntx Clipper indexing format, not so 
easy to find.

However, i still need screen formatting routines, since the 
tools i found don't have it.  It is a topic they need 
volunteers to.  

Please see the Help with the Xbase project page at

I'm considering to write the screen modules using curses.  
So i ask the DJGPP users and developers: 

1) do you know what's the DJGPP implemented curses that has 
the greatest compatibility to the real (Linux) thing?  AFAIK 
there are at least two.

2) which one is the most stable, meaning that the one with  
fewer bugs?

3) is there any screen formatting library based on curses 
for DJGPP?

------------------ Forwarded message ends ------------------

Boon van der RJ <rjvdboon AT cs DOT vu DOT nl> was kind (and brave :-)) 
enough to read the message with the misleading subject and to 
tell me that the answer for the three questions is PDcurses, 
or Public Domain Curses, now at v2.3 and available at

also you can check at:

The official (simtel) DJGPP site has PDCurses v2.2

He informed me also that NCurses, used in Linux was not 
ported to DJGPP.

I send this message again to the newsgroup to inform DJGPP 
people about the interesting XBase project and to ask about any 
higher level screen formatting library built upon curses.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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