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Subject: Altering Caller's local variables from an Allegro Dialog Func
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How can I alter caller variables passed in the DIALOG struct when calling a
Allegro dialog procedure using popup_dialog? I want to be able to pass an
int back
from the custom dialog procedure to the calling function, so that it can be
after popup_dialog exists. I have tried passing the address of the variable
in the void
* dp field of the the DIALOG struct, but when I try to dereference it in
order to access
the "pointed to" int in the custom dialog procedure I have written, GCC
complains that I am dereferencing a "void *". How then can I alter a
variable using pass-by-reference in an Allegro dialog procedure using the
DIALOG struct? How do I dereference a
variable passed to a dialog procedure without getting the "attempting to
dereference void *" warning from GCC?

Please reply by email if at all possible!


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Spawned By Rylan
Is truth beauty or beauty truth?

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