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Subject: Re: glut library
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me wrote:
> Can u help me? Where can I find a glut.a library (if exist!)?

If you have the rsxntdj package, the 'makelib' utility will allow you to
make libglut.a from the Windows glu32.dll. The same goes for
opengl32.dll. 'gl.h' and 'glu.h' are included in the current Platform
SDK distribution, though you will either have to set up a GL/ directory,
or modify the #include <GL\glu.h> statement in gl.h. 

The other approach would be to get the source (3.6 is stable, 3.7 is the
beta, I beleive) and attempt to build the library. I don't know how much
the win32 binary  glut lib and dll depend on Windows, but I assume you
might have a problem if you are running pure DOS.

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