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01:21:50 A bug in RHIDE 1.3. (Wang Jingtao)
02:52:23 A bug in RHIDE 1.3. (kosaku yui)
04:27:06 Re: The warning <-- Solved. Thank you (Eli Zaretskii)
04:45:43 Re: Optmization and Exceptions (Eli Zaretskii)
04:46:41 Re: Filtering warnings (Eli Zaretskii)
04:47:15 Re: Escape Sequences / Reading from Console (Eli Zaretskii)
04:53:04 Re: Which merge/split pair? (Eli Zaretskii)
04:54:12 Re: Wanted diff.c (Eli Zaretskii)
04:59:09 Die kontroversen unzensierten Newsgruppen im Usenet nun weltweit (
11:34:50 Re: VESA 2.0 (Ludvig Larsson)
11:34:51 Re: Plain C++ question about classes... (Grigoriy Strokin)
11:34:52 port of the Doom source code to DJGPP (Mapson)
11:34:58 Winsock.h parse error problem (Thomas Mulgrew)
11:34:59 Re: Long file names under Windows NT (Paul Derbyshire)
11:35:00 Re: Compiling (exreeeem newbie) (John M. Aldrich)
11:35:01 Re: strcoll() (Mike Evanoff)
11:35:02 New to djgpp... help:) (Nat Saiger)
11:35:03 Re: Begginer problems with C & DJGPP (John M. Aldrich)
11:35:04 Prob with RHIDE and Text mode (Tribble Maker)
11:35:06 Re: error idiv :divide by zero (Gertjan Klein)
11:35:07 Beginner: C / Allegro: "-lalleg" (Bjoern Appel)
11:35:13 Re: New to djgpp... help:) (DJ Delorie)
11:35:16 Re: problem using DJGPP (Michelle Davies)
11:35:20 Help!!! 'return 0;' crashes??? (Richard Sim)
11:35:24 Re: strcoll() (Erik Max Francis)
11:35:50 DJGPP & C++ standard (\"GoodCell\")
11:46:49 Error: d:/djgpp/bin\ld.exe: cannot open -lalleg: No such file or directory (ENOENT) (Nattachai Ungsriwong)
12:47:14 DJGPP DOS Java runtime? (Paul Derbyshire)
12:55:08 Re: RHIDE (Nate Eldredge)
12:55:09 Re: What is DJGPP? (Was: (no subject)) (Nate Eldredge)
13:01:39 ToS: Game done with DJGPP (Henrik Schmidt)
13:12:24 Re: Dual monitors with rhide? (Weiqi Gao)
13:16:45 Re: read / write errors (Thomas Demmer)
13:30:34 Re: Pixel plotting to a double buffer using inline asm (Henri Ossi)
13:32:50 Re: DJGPP & C++ standard (
13:45:38 OpenDOS and DJGPP (Philip A Lettkeman)
13:46:38 adresses (TRV)
14:01:49 Re: midas sound system with djgpp (Petteri Kangaslampi)
14:16:49 error optimisation with label (
14:29:32 Re: The warning <-- Solved. Thank you (Noam Rotem)
14:44:13 Re: Filtering warnings (Noam Rotem)
14:46:48 ESS ES1868 Lib for DJGPP? (ChrHenz)
14:52:49 "big" arrays in GnuC++ V2 (Stritt)
14:52:57 "string" in GnuC++ ??? (Stritt)
15:00:08 Re: Filtering warnings (DJ Delorie)
15:01:39 Re: strcoll() (Thomas Demmer)
15:16:52 Re: error optimisation with label (Thomas Demmer)
15:17:03 Re: adresses (Thomas Demmer)
16:47:27 Re: adresses (Erik Max Francis)
17:33:04 Re: djgpp and gnu... (John M. Aldrich)
17:46:48 Weird text mode under Windows (SWars Matt)
19:02:39 re: "big" arrays (mephisto)
19:16:50 Allegro Installation Problem (Walter Luke)
19:31:36 Re: A bug in RHIDE 1.3. (Robert Hoehne)
19:46:46 i'm new and lost :-) (Larry)
20:04:16 Re: i'm new and lost :-) (DJ Delorie)
20:32:06 Re: Beginner: C / Allegro: "-lalleg" (Tom Seddon)
20:46:50 Re: ESS ES1868 Lib for DJGPP? (Tom Seddon)
20:46:52 object--->lib (
21:01:43 Basic setup (Pi)
21:47:13 keyboard handlers (Ionicis <"An family)
22:46:16 Re: read / write errors (Steve Patton)
23:23:39 Re: read / write errors (Michael Bukin)
23:45:34 LD looks at zip drive (Myknees)
23:53:09 Re: Help with optimizing for speed (

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