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00:03:27 C++ question (Telepac)
00:45:23 Re: Interpreted languages. (Erik Max Francis)
01:05:23 Question about Allegro and PCX again (Mike McLean)
01:59:01 Re: One for the Gurus (Charles Sandmann)
02:14:00 Re: DJGPP & OpenGL : Anyone tried this? (Paul Derbyshire)
02:38:52 Re: ANNOUNCE : GRX21 (UPGRADE OF GRX20) (Hartmut Schirmer)
02:38:53 Re: REPOST: DJGPP/BASH: Need setup advice, please (Peter J. Farley III)
03:21:18 how port owl to motif x-window app (Spring Wang)
03:28:20 RE: C++ question (Alian Ltd.)
03:28:21 RE: Template problem. (Alian Ltd.)
03:57:32 Long live DJGPP! (Springman)
04:08:41 Re: File Routines (Paul Derbyshire)
04:08:42 Gurus needed real quick... (Ben West)
04:08:58 File Routines (Patrick J. Morris)
04:09:01 clearing the screen (Aatu)
04:09:04 G77 porting (Dave Love)
05:44:46 Re: g77 compiling problem (Christoph Kukulies)
06:17:52 char **argv vs. char *argv[] (Paul Derbyshire)
07:00:11 Re: what am I doing wrong. (Mark Slagell)
08:38:51 Re: Hiding mouse before drawing not working (Allegro) (Tom Breton)
08:50:21 Re: Question about Allegro and PCX again (Shawn Hargreaves)
10:20:55 Re: MikMod 2.10 (Fabian Nunez)
10:49:01 Re: Sound in Allegro demos/games (Shawn Hargreaves)
10:49:04 Re: Allegro Sound Control (Shawn Hargreaves)
10:49:05 Re: Weird Optimisation thingies to do with Allegro in this case (Shawn Hargreaves)
10:49:06 Re: Possible bug? (Vic)
10:49:07 Re: [Allegro] Virtual Screen problem (Shawn Hargreaves)
10:57:07 Re: Speed of DJGPP? (Eli Zaretskii)
10:57:13 Re: chkdsk, djgpp and win 95 (was Re: Exclusive access to drive) (Eli Zaretskii)
10:58:44 Re: Exclusive access to drive (Eli Zaretskii)
11:03:44 Re: DPMI and I/O question (Eli Zaretskii)
11:10:30 Re: DPMI Host limited to 64MB physical memory on Compaq PC ?? (Eli Zaretskii)
11:12:54 Re: Why not fork() etc. specific for for shell usage? (Eli Zaretskii)
11:13:56 Re: DJGPP standard headers... (Eli Zaretskii)
11:14:42 Re: Eureka! (Eli Zaretskii)
11:16:30 Re: MAKEALL problem in TESTS (Eli Zaretskii)
11:26:46 Re: Getting physical... (Eli Zaretskii)
11:30:20 Re: DJGPP binaries obsolete for dosemu 0.66? (correction) (Eli Zaretskii)
11:30:47 Re: char **argv vs. char *argv[] (Eli Zaretskii)
11:45:37 Re: Debugging in DJGPP (Eli Zaretskii)
12:03:23 Re: Help about DJGPP V.2 (Michael R Weholt)
12:03:24 Re: char **argv vs. char *argv[] (John M. Aldrich)
12:07:46 Re: Interrupts with nasm (Andrew Crabtree)
12:12:59 Re: 32 bit Memory Operations (Andrew Crabtree)
12:33:46 Inline ASM Help (ACosand)
12:43:34 Re: Please help me: OS3.c(.text+0x8e): undefined reference to `_iob'?? (DJ Delorie)
12:48:42 Callbacks (Goretec3)
13:01:37 LWP 1.2 available. (Josh Turpen)
13:33:29 p3d files (phoenix) (Jose Mayor)
14:03:34 Re: Making system calls in DJGPP??? (Real Email in Sig!)
14:33:23 Allegro GUI Woes :( (Gautam N. Lad)
15:18:32 ANNOUNCE: has been released (Daisuke Aoyama)
15:50:09 Re: Allegro GUI Woes :( (Shawn Hargreaves)
16:19:00 Stretcher code (LONG! 900+ lines) (Was: Re: Allegro & sprite stretching optimization) (
16:35:21 GCC Crashes (Leonardo Ariel Saravia)
17:05:48 Bug in strip? (Ruiter de M)
17:05:49 Re: Why COFF ?? (Paul Derbyshire)
17:05:52 Re: Inline Assembly (Dr P Mouton)
17:18:49 heres the info.... (Jacob Martin)
18:08:02 Re: One method for small random nuimbers (Bill Currie)
18:33:11 Re: what am I doing wrong. (Smith A. Cat)
21:48:21 . (Adam W Lee)
23:35:15 Re: TCP/IP, what is my IP address? (Orlando Andico)
23:48:24 Re: Allegro: Displaying 640x480 PCX file (Vic)

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